The New Type of Natural-Looking Dental Veneers in Irvine

Dental VeneersFor too long dental veneers have been considered a purely aesthetic solution, and therefore purely commercial application. Most patients have never considered that they might break or crack a tooth and be in need of an urgent repair on the tooth. Dental veneers are literally the best option in Irvine when you have this kind of damage, that does not rise to the level of needing a full crown, but still needs repair.

One cannot argue that there are clear cosmetic applications for veneers, after all, they clearly make your teeth better. However, it is also true that when you have had an accident and damaged a tooth, you will need to get it repaired before it causes additional problems. A damaged tooth does not have the means to heal itself so typically, as you continue to use the tooth, you will increase the level of damage. When you have a cracked tooth, you provide an excellent place for bacteria to breed which could lead to infections or gum disease. A chipped or broken tooth is hard to manage, which means you always run the risk of biting your lip or injuring your gums and this could lead to an additional infection. There are, therefore, two distinct groups of patients that used veneers for their teeth.

The use of dental veneers is growing rapidly. In 2006 alone there were over 600,000 people using dental veneers, either to fix defects or because they had to have an emergency replacement of the enamel. In either case, there is now a growing trend among users to have couture dental veneers instead of the traditional iteration of the product. As with any evolving product, the veneers needed today have increased the amount of skill that goes into making them, since our patients now want veneers that reflect a better version of their teeth instead of a fake looking replacement block of perfectly white pearly whites.

This has led to a number of innovative methods in shading, placing, and creating dental veneers so that they look as realistic as possible. Some of the methods being used are shading the veneers in a manner that creates an illusion of slight discoloration around the gum line, gradually getting whiter as the tooth extends into the mouth, angling the placement of the veneers so that they create a less than perfect space and even overlap slightly with an adjacent tooth, and the use of natural lighting by improving the translucency of the veneers to allow light to pass through. All of these are direct imitations of the qualities of your naturally occurring teeth and cause the dental veneers to seem much more normal.

Whether you need dental veneers for replacing damaged enamel on a tooth that has been through trauma or whether you want veneers to simply improve your teeth, you have multiple options from which to choose. The one word of caution when selecting couture is that they can be slightly more expensive that normal veneers. Traditional veneers will cost less so we will give you both options during your consultation.

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