Why an Emergency Dentist Should Be Your First Call

Emergency DentistAn emergency dentist may not be high on your priority list, to get to know now, but should you be misfortunate to have an accident in the middle of a fun weekend, we are quite handy to have in your contacts. The reality is, and we understand this, that most people give scant thought to the idea that they would ever need any kind of urgent medical treatment. Those that do consider it, usually think about it in terms of their heart or blood pressure. Dental emergencies are not something people think about because teeth are very efficient at doing their work without raising major alarms. Additionally most people believe that they are taking excellent care of their teeth with their dental health and hygiene routines. This gives many of our patients a sense of invulnerability, which leads to no planning for the eventuality of needing an emergency dentist. Unfortunately, dental health and hygiene can only go so far in protecting you from needing emergency services. Accidents, gum disease, and the onset of age can all play roles in making your teeth weaker and causing you to seek out urgent care. When, and if, that situation arises it is best to know who to call.  We can help regardless of what day or time you need us, so add us to your contact list.

If you need an emergency dentist, one of the last places you should be looking for one is in an emergency room. The problem is that most people associated emergency care with an emergency room. As a result, there are a growing number of people who are seeking to get their urgent dental needs met at the local hospital. A study conducted by the Federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that over a three-year period the number of people who visited the emergency room for dental care increased by over 16%. This trend is a cause for concern because, unfortunately, an emergency room physician is not trained to deal with your mouth and teeth, much less diagnose or treat the issue you might be having. The same study found that, of the people who were waiting to be treated for dental issues, 20% were returning patients. This means they had been treated before and were returning because their symptoms had returned. The skilled team at the emergency room will treat your symptoms and then send you away to go and get treatment from a trained dentist. If you have an urgent dental need, you need to see an emergency dentist who can treat the underlying causes of your discomfort.

One good example of why you need an emergency dentist to see you for an urgent dental issue is the common toothache. It is not only the most common reason why people seek immediate medical attention but is also a symptom of a deeper problem with your gums or the root of your teeth. Treating the pain will not help if there is an infection or gum diseases lurking below the surface.  As an emergency dentist, we can help you to feel better immediately and find out why you are uncomfortable in the first place.  This will result in a faster recovery time.

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